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    Best Reataurant In Delhi Desi Starbucks: SardarBuksh in Netaji Subhash Place As the name suggests, they're very similar to the international coffee franchise. From the rhyming syllables to the branding style. Initially, when they first opened thier kiosk in Rajouri Garden, the logo was eerily similar with the use of Green, White and Black. However, they seem to have changed it now to yellow on black and black on yellow. Maybe they got a call from the lawyers at Starbucks or they just thought it would be wiser. Anyhow, their logo is pretty cool. Going to the coffee, they've priced them lower to make them more affordable and better suited for the Indian crowd. With their customers swearing by their coffee, Starbucks and other competitors might lose their customers to this desi brand. The drinks are served in takeaway cups as they don't have seating space. The coffee is served in two sizes (piccolo/medio, regular/large). They also serve a wide variety of other drinks labelled under Chocolate Behaviour, Special Orea Shakes, Healthy Premium, Iced Mocks, Ice Teas, Cold Coffees and Original Shakes. You get them in three sizes, Mega/King/Super (regular, medium, large). The edibles that they serve are Fries, Waffles and Nachos. The highlight of this menu is their Shake Shake Fries. Possibly inspired by McDonald's seasonal Piri Piri Shake Shake Fries (don't know why they didn't just make it a permanent item since it was so popular), this could be the one reason I'd definitely go here. Go there for the love for coffee or a chance to see how this Starbucks inspired desi coffee brand will live up to the international company, that just opened its 100th store in India. Or maybe SardarBuksh took zero inspiration from the Americans. Either way, it'll be fun to see what they have to offer. Also, Peri Peri Shake Shake Fries. Address: G 88, Aggarwal Millenium Tower 2, Netaji Subhash Place Contact: 011 33105528 Price for two: Rs.250 Explore More: https://www.delhipedia.com/Home/Category/Restaurant& Bar
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