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    Love Beyond Borders: Wai Wai City in HKV It was in production since 1972. Situated in Thailand initially, it was later introduced to the world from Nepal in 1985. And after that, there was no stopping this Tsunami of an Instant Noodle. Owned by Nepal's first and only billionaire, Binod Chaudhary, Wai Wai entered the Indian market about a decade ago, starting with their first factory in Sikkim. Today, they hold a staggering 20% of the Indian Noodles market share, second only to the Legendary Maggi (which holds around 27% of the market share). This feat was only possible because of Wai Wai's unique nature. Unlike its competition, Wai Wai is precooked and flavoured prior to packaging, making it readily consumable, while it's counterparts need to be cooked, even if it's just for "two minutes". This has helped it garner the following it has today and it doesn't seem like the fan following growth is going to stop anytime soon. Most of their marketing was done via word of mouth and only recently has Wai Wai undertaken a more mainstream marketing campaign. Under its slogan "Much It, Soup It, Lunch It", the Nepalese company is all set to conquer the Indian market. And now they've taken it a step further with their new franchise. The Wai Wai Noodle Bar. The first of it's kind in the country, Wai Wai City gives it's customers a chance to experience instant noodles like never before. Using their trademark Wai Wai products as core ingredients, this franchise seeks to show the masses that the possibilities with Wai Wai noodles are virtually endless. Apart from the regular offerings on the menu that includes a rather intriguing option of "Wai Wai Bhel", they also have a "Make Your Noodles" option. As described, this lets you pick and choose the style you want your noodles cooked, along with the choice of a variety of sauces, ingredients and toppings to be cooked with. There are also add-ons for the more adventurous bunch. All this for a budget under Rs.200. Not to forget that their set up is pretty amazing. Simple, and at the same time grand. Wai Wai City gives you an insight on what the CG multinational company is all about. So, if you're all about that Wai Wai life, give them a holler and see if they can make you fall in love all over again. Contact: 011 33105918 Address: 29, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi Budget: Rs.400 for two Explore More: https://www.delhipedia.com
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